Republic dropship with atot walker bricklink [With Pictures]

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Last updated : Sept 6, 2022
Written by : Elvera Bursch
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Republic dropship with atot walker bricklink

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Republic dropship with atot walker bricklink

Comment by Logan Releford

hello there today republic i don't even know if i should do i feel like i do that too much you know hello there yeah i feel like i do once every three months and then i feel like it's too much [Laughter] anyway today timmy aka republic bricks sent me two of what i think might be some of his best models for free to review for you guys we have the ato t pretty nice set at least uh in the garbage bag and then the republic dropship and together they make the republic drop ship with atlt one of the most coveted lego star wars the clone wars sets ever new in box you can be paying over a thousand dollars very easily for the set and use the cheapest one i could find on ebay right now was over 700 now by comparison timmy's ato t costs 300 and timmy's republic dropship costs 320 together that's 620 which is cheaper than what a used version of the lego set costs and these are pretty much just recolors of the lego version in this particular case now he does sell a combo for five hundred and fifty dollars so if you actually did want to get both in use code m r you can get them both for a pretty nice discount at 550 bucks off the 620 that it would be if you ordered them separately but this is the munis 10 republic dropship and hopefully timmy has sent all new parts i won't know right now if they're all new i can definitely tell you uh throughout the building process if everything is all new but typically most things are going to be all new unless he's told me that uh the parts are exceptionally hard to come by so that is going to be everything for the drop ship there and this is supposed to be i believe the munilist 10 style drop ship oh no this is the ato t i'm a dummy so this is the ato t this is just a standard style ato t and here we should have the munilis 10 style drop ship and i've had the meaningless 10 gunship excellent model one of my favorites that he sent me but he told me i believe the republic dropship is even better so i'll be the judge of that for sure a lot of dark blue gotta love dark blue for a munis 10 style drop ship more parts looks like the bags are obviously going to be separated by color which is a really good thing for custom sets because you don't always get that but timmy does seem to go the extra mile and have them all sorted by color in each bag so republic dropship ato t if you are going to buy this 550 bucks lego obviously because they haven't made it in so long a lot more expensive let's find out if this is worth the money so i unpacked everything for the atot first and all the parts from my once over look to be brand new which is what you're going to want to see with a set like this except the windshield pieces all of the windshield pieces seem to have scratches on them which would indicate they've had some use somewhere along the line which is unfortunate and so i looked them up on bricklink and it looks like they are very hard to come by in quantity so if he's mass producing atots obviously they're going to be expensive and the ones that he could buy i suppose would have been five dollars so kind of gets a pass because this is an expensive part for a set when you add it all up and you know how that stuff works i assume at this point but it just gets rather expensive so i guess this was the cost cutting measure of this set was to have used windshield pieces which isn't ideal but i guess it's just the way it has to go so i'm getting into the build here of the republic dropship and i'm a little less impressed with the piece quality these are a couple used some scratches these ones definitely seem better days definitely some marks on there and that piece is broken and this piece is broken so if you were to buy this you may have a little replacing to do or you may have to take it up with timmy all right the first model out of timmy's models here is the atot and it certainly has some pros and cons and we're gonna take a look at it compared to the lego one which i have down there in a moment but first i wanted to take a look at it on its own you're gonna notice it's really rigid looking it certainly doesn't have any movement to the legs which i thought was odd at first i was building i was like oh maybe this work doesn't work the legs don't move other than at the ankles they don't move in the way that the lego version does which may be disappointing to some maybe not so much to others but rigid legs are rigid legs they do look good i really particularly love the design for the feet on the ato t here they just look really good so you can see they move like this but like i said the actual leg assembly not the feet uh doesn't move and so you actually don't get like the separation of the legs like on the lego version but it's got a handle which you can use to pick the build up and swing it around bring it around whatever you want to do with it it's a really strong handle you have to worry about it breaking or anything like that on the rear of the bill here we have some bubble turrets which are always nice and then we actually have a little pad to drop down and you can have troops kind of walk up the ramp is a bit steep on this set it's steep on the original lego version and that holds true here in this version i remember modding my lego version with another plate on the end of this so that it wouldn't be as steep and that's certainly something you can do uh yeah that's the thing it's really steep it's not really practical but then again do you actually walk your figures up into vehicles no so it's impractical and it doesn't look great but that's still hold over from the lego version for the seating they use not chair pieces actually issues brick built assemblies here and you can just sit a minifigure down on there which looks rather nice it fits in you can still put your drop ship on when some figures are sitting down and you can also use these weapons here there's only one weapon on each side but you can have a figure stand backwards in the chair and man the gun to take out whatever droids may be approaching or whomever the enemy is in that case so you have some really nice troop carrying ability i believe about 15 seats for your clone troopers and then you could of course probably smash some more in there wherever you want to kind of squeeze them in they could squeeze in there is nice detailing on the sides here with the nice red accents and then as we get to the front of the model we don't have stickers because they just don't have stickers on these custom models for this uh but on the lego version there's gonna be stickers as you'll see so you lose a bit of detail there if you will but you can actually pull this back to get to the interior of the cockpit here which has a control panel which is a nice touch and you can again sit a figure down in there to pilot it close it up and you are going to be good to go and on your way with the atot and this is also what you're going to have to do to prepare the set to be carried by the drop ship so you have to pull that back and then to push up the head of the ato t just like that so it's on a hinge it works really easily when it's down you don't have to worry about it too much

Thanks for your comment Logan Releford, have a nice day.
- Elvera Bursch, Staff Member

Comment by Ortbauert

hello everybody my name is Ryan or M&R functions in walks for our view of the lego starwars republic dropship with 80 ot at set number is 101 95 recommended for ages 14 and up and includes 1758 pieces it was released in early 2009 and you're going to be getting 8 minifigures in the set that's gonna be six regular clone troopers and to clone pilots which are in the cockpits on the boxart the boxart does take place on Geonosis which is a pretty good look for this set because it creates a very nice contrast on the ATO tee and the Republic dropship there while the ATO tee is included in this set it is also compatible to pick up the ATT from the era in the clone turbo tank from the era with a very small little mod to both of those sets so that's something cool that this set could do is kind of multi-purpose now when it was released back in 2009 you're gonna be paying 250 dollars for this set which was a pretty fair price I suppose nowadays on the secondary market you're gonna paying a lot more on eBay or brick link or wherever you're gonna try to buy this especially if you want a brand new sealed in the box one gotta love that oh gee Clone Wars box art though top of the box is gonna show off all the characters you'll be getting in the set the sides of the box don't really have anything special in the back side of the box is very clean looking actually very simple back box art just has some squares essentially showing off what you can do with the set all the little features and how to work it so that you know what to do with it so that's pretty much everything about the box of the set it does include three count em one two and three instruction manuals the first one is gonna get you all the way through the ATO tee here and actually a little advert for the ATT which is like I said compatible with the dropship here and in the back it's got some more 2009 stuff very cool throwback stuff to see in the back of this manual here I'm sure some of you guys enjoy seeing that stuff book 2 will get you part way through the Republic dropship even just ends off on the dropship on the back there and then the final third book of the instruction manual is gonna get you all the way through this dropship here and it is worth noting that there our two sets of stickers for the front end of the Republic dropship I personally put the Droid on mine back in 2009 which we'll be taking a look at momentarily but I wish I had done the womp I think the Wamba is so much cooler looking but unfortunately I don't have it so that's where I'm at on that yes that is the instruction manuals let's take a look at the fix our first minifigure is a 2009 clone pilot this has the classic clone wars clone trooper look except it has some extra yellow markings that has some extra tubes going on on the chest piece looks very very cool love this classic look no leg burn thing or arm printing or anything special which kind of contributes to the classic look of it in my opinion whether or not you think it's good or bad and I have the leg printing is up to you though underneath will find the typical Clone Wars Clone Trooper face gotta love that one that's also an absolute classic for me and probably quite a few of you watching this review in the set you do get two of these guys so you're gonna be able to have pilots in both your ACOD and your republic dropship of course you'll need some troops to fill up your Republic dropship and to do so you have six regular Clone Wars clone troopers which look like I said very similar to the clone pilots bar the markings that are absent on this compared to the other one now what I will say is six might not be enough it just might not in the ATO t I think you have about sixteen seats for clone shippers and you only get six maybe a good counter points this is the fact that you had the clone battle pack out at the same time so you could easily get clone troopers to add to this set but still it would have been nice to get a few more maybe ten in a set like this just would have been awesome army builder with that in mind but I mean not that it isn't already just the more the merrier in my opinion I think that's hard to argue against at any time now that being said this figure is going to have the clone face underneath I did say there are six of these guys so here they are we'll be putting them in the ATO t later so you'll see them all up close but yeah very nice classic Clone Wars Clone Trooper from 2009 god what a beautiful figure and here they are and all of their glory the Republic dropship and Oh tea these are some beautiful models we have the ato tea here on the Left which features a predominantly gray red and green color scheme and that's very nicely contrasted with the predominantly white grey and dark blue color scheme of the Republic dropship gotta love the colors on both these sets I think a lot of people really like them now we're gonna go in depth with the ATO tee first it has eight legs Callum one two three four in the back and five six seven eight in the front you learned something new every day jokes aside the ATO T is a beautiful model this is actually the only lego ATO tea we've ever gotten they've never released a remake of this or had done a previous model of this ship or vehicle in Lego and this is all we have and it's actually a very good model this review is being filmed ten years after the release of this set and I think it looks really really good for even today's standards ten years later really holds up in design I mean it looks really really good the feet use a pretty simple design with some nice slope pieces and then they have some printed pieces for the joints not all of the legs all of the printed pieces are the same they're actually very similar if not the same that's what we see on some 80 80 's not that one but some of the earlier 80 80 models I think had some capped pieces like that with the prints on them one of the more annoying parts to me is these little pieces here because I'll knock these off pretty easily but other than that all the legs are pretty nice they're also free-flowing so when you let this set up they just kind of wobble there and when you put it down you'll see that they will be forced into place because the weights of the 8002 coming down onto them just have to give it a little bit of a back and forth push there but they will nicely go to where they need to be there are some republic insignias on the vehicle you see on these sides and on the front there and on the inside interior of the ATO tee here we have some green seeds which i think is a really cool color and you'll notice the weapons for the clone troopers in there as well you can pull these out and give them to the clone troopers if you want or you just leave them in and use them basically as turrets which is my preferred way to go you can actually use some of the clones but they show on the box is they can stand up on their chairs and be using them as like their own little turrets and you can basically simulate that it's not the greatest-looking feature but it's something cool that you can pretend to have going on there now you can also sit you

Thanks Ortbauert your participation is very much appreciated
- Elvera Bursch

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Republic dropship with atot walker bricklink

Republic dropship with atot walker bricklink